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The following publications feature affiliated faculty, postdocs, students and visiting scholars from the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment.

2015 Publications

Anderies, J.M (2015). Understanding the dynamics of sustainable social-ecological systems: Human behavior, institutions, and regulatory feedback networks. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 77 (2), 259-280.

Baggio, J.A., K. Brown, D. Hellebrandt (2015). Boundary object or bridging concept? A citation network analysis of resilience. Ecology and Society 20 (2), 2.

Barnett, A.J., H.C. Eakin (2015). “We and us, not I and me”: Justice, social capital, and household vulnerability in a Nova Scotia fishery. Applied Geography 59, 107-116.

Bausch, J.C., H. Eakin, S. Smith-Heisters, A.M. York, D.D. White, C. Rubiños, R.M. Aggarwal (2015). Development pathways at the agriculture–urban interface: The case of Central Arizona. Agriculture and Human Values 1-17. doi 10.1007/s10460-015-9589-8.

Biggs, R., M. Schlüter, and M.L. Schoon (editors) (2015). Principles for building resilience: Sustaining ecosystem services in social-ecological systems. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press.

Cumming, G.S., C.R. Allen, N.C. Ban, D. Biggs, H.C. Biggs, D.H.M. Cumming, A. De Vos, G. Epstein, M. Etienne, K. Maciejewski, R. Mathevet, C. Moore, M. Nenadovic, M.L. Schoon (2015). Understanding protected area resilience: A multi-scale, social-ecological approach.Ecological Applications 25 (2), 299-319.

Freeman, J., J.M. Anderies (2015). A comparative ethnoarchaeological analysis of corporate territorial ownership. Journal of Archaeological Science 54, 135-147.

Freeman, J., J.M. Anderies (2015). The socioecology of hunter–gatherer territory size.Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 39, 110-123.

Green, O.O., A.S. Garmestani, S. Albro, N.C. Ban, A. Berland, C.E. Burkman, M.M. Gardiner, L. Gunderson, M.E. Hopton, M.L. Schoon, W.D. Shuster (2015). Adaptive governance to promote ecosystem services in urban green spaces. Urban Ecosystems 1-17 doi 10.1007/s11252-015-0476-2.

Janssen, M.A. (2015). A behavioral perspective on the governance of common resources.Current Opinions in Environmental Sustainability 12:1-5.

Marean, C.W., R.J. Anderson, M. Bar-Matthews, K. Braun, R.M. Cowling, F. Engelbrecht, K.J. Esler, E. Fisher, J. Franklin, K. Hill, M.A. Janssen, A.J. Potts, and R. Zahn (2015). A new research strategy for integrating studies of paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, and paleoanthropology. Evolutionary Anthropology 24(2): 62-72.

Perez, I., D. J. Yu, M. A. Janssen and J. M. Anderies (2015). Social roles and performance of social-ecological systems: Evidence from behavioral lab experiments. Ecology and Society 20 (3): 23. [online] URL:

Perez, I. and M.A. Janssen (2015). The effect of spatial heterogeneity and mobility on the performance of social-ecological systems. Ecological Modelling 296: 1-11.

Qubbaj, M.R., R. Muneepeerakul, R.M. Aggarwal, J.M. Anderies (2015) How does a divided population respond to change? PloS One 10 (7), e0128121.

Schoon, M. (2015). Average Is over: Powering America beyond the age of the great stagnation. Global Governance 21 (2), 338-338.

Schoon, M., S. Van der Leeuw (2015). The shift toward social-ecological systems perspectives: Insights into the human-nature relationship. Natures Sciences Sociétés 23 (2), 166-174.

Schoon, M.L. (2015). Global environmental politics: From person to planet. Global Governance 21 (1), 183-184.

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Wu L. (2015). The beautiful flow of collective attention. In Swarm Agents Club, eds.Frontiers in artificial intelligence. Beijing, China: Turing Press, 198-220.

Zhang J., X. Li, X. Wang, W. Wang, L. Wu (2015), Scaling behaviors in the growth of networked systems and their geometric origins. Scientific Reports 5(9767). [online] URL: